"Nikkis Cow"

14x11 oil on panel, commission
For now this is nikki's cow, she does have a name but i forgot it, so TBD.  This was a gift for a girl who went to auburn and worked with this cow.

"Wills Cow"

14x11 oil on canvas, commission
This is a Brahman and is a pet cow of the sweetest boy named Will.  B&P Brahmans in Alabama graciously allowed me to take photos of there cows and Will asked me to paint his, so I did it for him for Christmas.

"G B Haul"

11x14 oil on panel, commission
G B Haul is his name.  He is the pet cow of my friends father. This was a commission for Christmas 2018.

"Strawberry Frapp"

12x12 oil on panel, sold
She is 6th in my Cows and Coffee series.  This one goes out to all my friends who love to hang out at coffee shops but do not like coffee:)


14x11 oil on panel, $160.00 available
Expresso is 5th in my Cows and Coffee series.  Painted in multi-brown colors and given the look of being pumped up on caffeine. Contact me via email if you are interested in purchasing her.

"Caramel Latte"

18x36 oil on panel, sold
She is 4th in my cow and coffee series...I love this girl! I had so much fun bringing her to life, Caramel Latte is one of my favorite drinks to drink at starbucks. I was sad to sell her but I know she went to a good home.  I get way too attached to my paintings.

"Blue Eyes"

8x10 oil on panel, $110.00
Another love of mine are OWLS!  That piercing look and cute furry body and not to mention the fact that they can turn their head 360 degrees!  Most of this painting is loose strokes but I wanted the eyes to be a little more sharp but not too sharp, just enough to where you can't take your eyes of them. My goal was to try to do this in 2 hours but that did not happen....took almost 4.  Available at