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"Sophie" 14x17 Graphite on Bristol Board
March 2009

"The Wells Grandchildren"

"The Wells Grandchildren" 30x44 graphite on Stonehenge paper.
This was my first large commission and it turned out very well. I did this in January of 2009. When I accepted this commission I was so nervous. I had never done anything this big or had this many people on one paper. I also had the challenge of finding a surface this big to draw on so that the paper would not be creased or wrinkled. My little drawing table was not big enough. I bought a canvas that was bigger than the paper and taped it to the canvas. I then had to draw and shade while upright on my easel. Another challenge was teeth! I had only practiced one portrait where the person was showing her teeth. I now have no problem with them.
Thank you Irvin and Jackie.


"Daniel" is a 20x24 oil on canvas painted in 2008 and is my first realistic animal painting. I took a bunch of pictures at the Montgomery Zoo in Alabama and Daniel is the name of the male lion there. He was very striking and I knew he was going to be my first animal painting. Eyes and faces are by far my favorite things to draw. I did sell him at my art show last October 2008. And yes, I miss him. Those of you who are artists know the attachment you can have with your pieces.


"JUDY" is an acrylic painting on canvas, 18x24. This is a portrait of my sister Judy and is in the same style as my self portrait. This style is a form of cubism with a little bit of picasso mixed in with a look of stained glass.

"My Mona Lisa"

I think every artist should have a mona lisa and this is mine.
This is my second acrylic painting that is an 18x24 on canvas and it is a self portrait of me. I did not originally intend for it to look like stained glass, however, in the end process it did come out that way. It is my favorite piece and hangs in my foyer.

"Random Exploration"

"Random Exploration" is my first acrylic creation. He is 30x40 on canvas. I did not have a clue or a plan as to how this was going to come out. I had bought some winsor and newton paints from a yard sale and knew I wanted to paint a peacock and this was the result.  I played around with the eyes on the tail and they ended up looking like they were glowing. The background was very plain so I start filling in with the swirls on the bottom and ended up with dots all around, then added celtic designs around the neck. It just goes to show you that not every artist has a reason for painting what they paint, sometimes its just random exploration!

This in now available for purchase at

"Guardian Lion"

"Guardian Lion" is the brother of "sleeping Lion" and sits on the other side of the steps of the Knox Hall in Montgomery Alabama . I sold them as a pair at an art show last October 2008. This was also a yellow value study and is a 9x12 oil on canvas

"Sleeping Lion"

"Sleeping Lion" is a 9x12 oil on canvas painted in 2008 as my yellow value study. This statue can be seen in front of the Knox Hall in Montgomery, Alabama. I painted it from a picture that I took of him and it sold at an art show along with his brother "Guardian Lion" last October.

"Tea Party"

"Tea Party" is my second oil painting and is a 9x12 on canvas. Our class did a value study and we chose one color and painted the picture with only that color but using the full value spectrum from the darkest dark to the lightest light of that color. I gave this one as a gift.

"Tea TIme"

"Tea Time" is my first oil painting and is a 9x12 on canvas. I did this last year(2008) in a class that I took for a few months to get acquainted with the brush since pencil was all I had ever really used. I hang this in my kitchen and is one of my favorite pieces. The composition is from a photo that was furnished by my teacher in class.