"Daniel" is a 20x24 oil on canvas painted in 2008 and is my first realistic animal painting. I took a bunch of pictures at the Montgomery Zoo in Alabama and Daniel is the name of the male lion there. He was very striking and I knew he was going to be my first animal painting. Eyes and faces are by far my favorite things to draw. I did sell him at my art show last October 2008. And yes, I miss him. Those of you who are artists know the attachment you can have with your pieces.


  1. I don't think I ever got to see this one finished until now. It is amazing! I can see why you miss him!

  2. Hey there Tina - Thanks for commenting on the charity chair. My wife really wanted me to bid on it but the minimum bid was $50 and I knew it would only rocket from there. I did very well in the end and I am glad because it is for a good cause. By the way - your paintings are fantastic. You MUST continue painting; you have a natural talent. I also think that the sketch of Sophie looks excellent on this black background, don't you think? Keep it up - Jared


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