"The Wells Grandchildren"

"The Wells Grandchildren" 30x44 graphite on Stonehenge paper.
This was my first large commission and it turned out very well. I did this in January of 2009. When I accepted this commission I was so nervous. I had never done anything this big or had this many people on one paper. I also had the challenge of finding a surface this big to draw on so that the paper would not be creased or wrinkled. My little drawing table was not big enough. I bought a canvas that was bigger than the paper and taped it to the canvas. I then had to draw and shade while upright on my easel. Another challenge was teeth! I had only practiced one portrait where the person was showing her teeth. I now have no problem with them.
Thank you Irvin and Jackie.


  1. I have seen most of these children in person and your did a fantastic job!


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