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"The Clark's Grandchildren"

"The Clark Grandchildren" 24x36 graphite on stonehenge paper. This is a commission that I just finished. I had several challenges on this one. The first challenge was the girl on the top right had braces on in the picture I was using so I had to draw the teeth without them. The second challenge was the girl on the top left had freckles and I have never put freckles on a face but its not that hard and I am very pleased with my end result. The couple will be getting it tomorrow and I hope they like it as much as I do.

"Grandpa Jones"

"Grandpa Jones" 11x12 graphite on Strathmore drawing paper. This is actually one of my practice pieces I did in June of 2006. I was looking back on my old work and decided to spruce him up a bit. He did not look this good a few years ago. I did not know that much about value at the time and how important it is to get the darkest of the dark and the lightest of the light on your paper to make realistic pictures, so i worked on him last night while watching american idol and I think he turned out very well. I do not have a grandpa jones, I just randomly picked a picture of an old man to practice wrinkles and folds. Hope you like it.

"Crooked Feather" (pre-paint)

"Crooked Feather" 24x48 canvas. I am trying something new here. I talked with a talented young artist here in Montgomery and his name is Jared Kelly (you can view his art at, I noticed he draws a black and white of his subject before he actually paints. So I am giving it a try and this is the finished black and white and I used black conte charcoal pencils. This is my first time to ever use charcoal of any kind and found it is very easy to use but a bit messy. However, I love the advantage of seeing my composition before color is added to it. I sprayed it with acrylic matte fixative and I am ready to start painting.
"CROOKED FEATHER" is an Indian Statue that has been a part of Ocean Springs, MS since 1976. The Magnolia is Mississippi's state flower, so I chose it to put in the background. I am participating in the Peter-Anderson arts festival that is held in Ocean Springs this year November 7-8th and he will be one the paintin…


"Bobby" private commission, 14x17 Graphite on Bristol Board, April 2009.

I recently donated a portrait commission gift certificate for a silent auction to Cornerstone Christian academy in Montgomery, Alabama. This was the portrait I did for the winner. This was my first baby portrait and my first experience with hands. I am very pleased with the outcome and I hope he is too. It is a gift for his wife for mothers day and I am anxious to know if she likes it too.