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"Harvest Beauty"

"Harvest Beauty" 20x20 oil on 1.5" boxed canvas, 2009, Sold.

This is the second painting of the bud flower below only in a further bloomed state. I would like to say thankyou to my facebook friends for helping me name both paintings, I love the names. I painted both paintings on a 1.5 inch boxed canvas and the paintings wrap around the edges so you don't have to have a frame if you don't want one. These were alot of fun to paint and I hope you enjoy viewing them.

"Harvest Bloom"

"Harvest Bloom" 20x20 oil on 1.5"box canvas, 2009, Sold.

As you already know the rose is my favorite flower and so is this particular color rose. I painted both paintings on 1.5" boxed canvas and the painting wraps around the edges so you do not need a frame if you do not want one. I had a hard time naming these two paintings so I asked for suggestions from my facebook friends and I got wonderful responses. I combined the ones from my friend Missy and my mother-in-law Diane and I love the names. Thanks to everyone.

"Crooked Feather"

"Crooked Feather" 24x48 oil on canvas, 2009, Framed, nfs.

I posted this earlier in the beginning stage. I had tried a technique of doing a charcoal drawing, spraying it with acrylic, then painting over that. Well what I discovered was that the turpentine diluent that I use with my oil paints actually dissolved the acrylic layer and spread the charcoal like paint. But don't be alarmed, It worked to my advantage on the Indian but to my disadvantage on the flowers. The black was almost impossible to cover up and that is why my magnolias are yellow and pink instead of white. BUT...I like it...its different. This little fellow stands in Ocean Springs MS as a monument that I have looked at all my life growing up there. Hope you enjoy it....

"Grace in Blue"

"Grace in Blue" 18x24 oil on canvas, 2008, private commission. This is my beautiful niece, Gracie, and she chose blue to be the color of her portrait. It is a blue value study that I had a fun time doing and my first realistic painting of a portrait. It was painted from a picture that I took of her. I did this last year but finally remembered to take a picture of it to post.