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"Butterfly Bones"

"Butterfly Bones" 11x14 ink on gesso board, 2009, sold.
2nd piece in my "Abstract Bone" series.

Another abstract for my series. I do know that butterflies and dragonflies don't have bones but it sounded much better than fossils. My next piece will be "Sea Bones" so be sure to check back to see it.

"Crab Season"

"Crab Season" 16x20 Oil on Canvas, 2009. $250.00

Growing up on the Gulf Coast, part of summer vacation was getting to eat fresh seafood because it was shrimp and crab season. Fried, boiled or in seafood gumbo this is by far my favorite summer food. So here is my first impressionistic painting of crabs and shrimp. Of course it had to be very colorful and I put them in the sea just before the shrimp nets gather them up. This is now available for purchase at

"Flower Garden"

"Flower Garden"16x20 mixed media on Gesso Board, 2009, sold.
First piece in my "Garden abstract" series
This is another one of my abstract pieces. I used a combination of alcohol inks and acrylic paint. I am still experimenting with alot of things and I have seen alot of flower gardens in my life so I just put down some of the ones that I could remember what they looked like.

"Caleb in Twilight"

"Caleb in Twilight" 18x24 oil on canvas, 2009 private collection.

This is my son, Caleb, and I had to have a matching piece to go with "Olivia in Twilight". I was very pleased with the outcome and it is the first time I have oil painted a hand. The red is redder in this one but that is what Caleb wanted. The pose was part of his senior portraits that he took at school.

"Dragonfly Bones"

"Dragonfly Bones" 11x14 Ink on Gesso board, 2009, sold
First piece in my "Abstract Bone" series

This is a step away from my normal painting. Sometimes the tediousness of painting realism gets to me and I have to do something fast and fun. This is my first try at alcohol inks and I found them to be easy and fun to manipulate. This is my first attempt at true abstract art and even though it is not my favorite thing to do, it is a nice break from realism. I put the colors on an 11x14 gesso board and used my palette knife to make marks and swoosh the colors around. When I was done, I stepped back and realized that the shapes looked like dragonflies and even maybe fossils of dragonflies. So the name became "Dragonfly Bones."