"Sea Bones"

"Sea Bones" 11x14 mixed media, 2009, Sold.
This is the 3rd painting in my bone series and I used inks and acrylic paint


  1. Tina! I LOVE this one! Don't let anyone else buy it until I see it in person Sat. night please =-)

    Thanks - Debey

  2. Well, Debey, if you don't buy it, I might!!!

  3. Tina I LOVE your paintings!! They're beautiful - the bright, abstract style is my absolute favorite :) I couldn't find a spot to put a general comment so I put it on this one but I love them all

  4. Thankyou beth and everyone else for all the nice complements, I love my friends!

  5. David gave this to me for Christmas! I love it!!


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