Monday, May 31, 2010


"Ava" 8x8 Oil on Canvas in Sepia, 2010, sold.

Ava is the granddaughter of a classmate of mine, Susanne Hill Davis. I chose this little girl to practice my small paintings with because she is super photogenic and she has striking eyes. This came from a photo that susanne had posted on facebook of her playing in the sand and I cropped it as a closeup. This was my first practice piece and I did it in about 4 hours. I am trying to get better at smaller paintings and forcing myself to paint faster. This painting also wraps around the 1.5"edges so you don't need a frame if you don't want one. I hope you like it Susanne

"Rudy the Rooster"

"Rudy the Rooster"
8x8 Acrylic on 1.5 box Canvas, 2010, sold.

Rudy is my sisters pet rooster. This little guy showed up on her patio one day with a brother who has met his demise thanks to the neighborhood hawk. So Rudy stands alone hanging out in the garage waking them up at 5 am every morning but they love him. I took this shot of him while he was still in the garage up near the ceiling. This painting is on a 1.5 boxed canvas and it wraps around the edges so that you do not need a frame if you don"t want one.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

" A Hidden Beauty"

30x40 acrylic/oil on canvas, 2010

I took a picture of this flower the same year I took all my animal pictures at the Montgomery Zoo. Sometimes the most beautiful things are hidden at your feet, as was this flower as you walked along the zoo path. I was looking down at my camera to change the settings when I saw her, as if she was begging me to take her picture. Also, the background is acrylic and the flower is oil. Why? you ask? My original intention was for the whole picture to be acrylic, however, I could not get the realistic look I wanted for the flower with acrylic. I still can't blend acrylic to well, so I used oil over the acrylic that I had already painted on just the flower. The background is intentionally not as realistic as the flower so that the focal point of the painting is the flower.