" A Hidden Beauty"

30x40 acrylic/oil on canvas, 2010

I took a picture of this flower the same year I took all my animal pictures at the Montgomery Zoo. Sometimes the most beautiful things are hidden at your feet, as was this flower as you walked along the zoo path. I was looking down at my camera to change the settings when I saw her, as if she was begging me to take her picture. Also, the background is acrylic and the flower is oil. Why? you ask? My original intention was for the whole picture to be acrylic, however, I could not get the realistic look I wanted for the flower with acrylic. I still can't blend acrylic to well, so I used oil over the acrylic that I had already painted on just the flower. The background is intentionally not as realistic as the flower so that the focal point of the painting is the flower.


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