Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Japanese Magnolias"

"Japanese Magnolias" 30x40 oil on canvas, 2010, sold.
Looking out my grandmothers window, there was a Japanese magnolia tree that was the first to bloom each spring and it has become one of my favorite flowers.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Dear God..."

"Dear God..." 18x24 oil on gesso board, 2010
This is Karley. In the original snapshot she is putting on mr. potato head sunglasses but I took the outline and made a prayer portrait of her.


"Carson" 8x8 oil on canvas, 2010, sold.
He is #6 in my mini-portrait series although I ventured away from sepia and black and white and I did a blue value series. I also kept him in the nursery at church and I love those eyes.


"Hadley" 8x8 Oil on canvas, 2010, sold.
She is #5 in my mini-portrait series. She is in my sunday school class and always has that sweet smile when she comes in the door.


"Josie" 8x8 Oil on canvas, 2010, nfs.
This is #4 of my mini-portrait series, I though I would give black and white a try but I am not that crazy about it, I think I am going to lighten the background to make it look better but I though Josie came out cute. She is one the babies that I keep in the nursery at church. This is the look she gives me when I pick her up and speak to her, very funny.