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"Caramel Latte"

18x36 oil on panel, sold
She is 4th in my cow and coffee series...I love this girl! I had so much fun bringing her to life, Caramel Latte is one of my favorite drinks to drink at starbucks. I was sad to sell her but I know she went to a good home.  I get way too attached to my paintings.

"Blue Eyes"

8x10 oil on panel, $110.00
Another love of mine are OWLS!  That piercing look and cute furry body and not to mention the fact that they can turn their head 360 degrees!  Most of this painting is loose strokes but I wanted the eyes to be a little more sharp but not too sharp, just enough to where you can't take your eyes of them. My goal was to try to do this in 2 hours but that did not happen....took almost 4.  Available at

"Blue Bell"

24x24 Oil on canvas, unavailable.
Blue Bell is third in my cow series.  She is painted with a palette knife in a loose impressionist style.  It was fun to try something different but I ended up covering her up.,,there was just something about her I did not like, so RIP.

"Half Caff"

24x12 oil on canvas, $155.00
Half Caff is second in my series of cow paintings and is a play on words.  All my cows have coffee names or references.. This one is referencing half caffeine so I made her half a cow.  She is available for purchase at

"Vanilla Bean"

11x14 oil on panel, sold
This is the first painting in my cows and coffee series.  I am giving all my cows  coffee names. She is painted in a loose impression style, she sold right away and went to her new home in Texas.

"All in a Row"

24x36 oil on canvas,sold.
This is a palette knife painting of a birch tree forest. I love to hike and while I have never hiked through a birch tree forest,  its still my favorite tree, along with the aspens because of their beautiful white color.  This painting has lots of texture, and color.  

"Trial and Error"

"Trial and  Error" 16x20 oil on canvas
First off, this is my copy of a Trisha Adams painting. Trisha's choice of color and style makes her paintings by far a leader in modern impressionism.  I love her work and I have wanted to try the loose impressionistic style for awhile but haven't really had the opportunity.  When I saw her painting like this one I knew that was the one I was going to copy to try my hand at impressionism.  Its not as easy as it looks but I am happy with the outcome.  I still prefer realism but at least now I know I can do it if I want to.  This painting is not for sale since it is a copy, and I don't know the name of her painting but I would like to say thanks Trisha for making such a beautiful painting for me to copy. Maybe one day I will be able to do a workshop with her!


 16x24 oil on canvas
This cutie is my 2nd full color portrait and a commission piece.  I am getting a better feel for skin tone and how to manipulate it.  That crochet hat was the hardest part of the painting and I thought it was going to be t he end of me, but in the end I am very pleased with the whole piece. I finished it in November 2017.