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"Trial and Error"

"Trial and  Error" 16x20 oil on canvas
First off, this is my copy of a Trisha Adams painting. Trisha's choice of color and style makes her paintings by far a leader in modern impressionism.  I love her work and I have wanted to try the loose impressionistic style for awhile but haven't really had the opportunity.  When I saw her painting like this one I knew that was the one I was going to copy to try my hand at impressionism.  Its not as easy as it looks but I am happy with the outcome.  I still prefer realism but at least now I know I can do it if I want to.  This painting is not for sale since it is a copy, and I don't know the name of her painting but I would like to say thanks Trisha for making such a beautiful painting for me to copy. Maybe one day I will be able to do a workshop with her!